Friday, August 14, 2009


Argh. It's almost midnight, I should be sleeping. But hey, I needed to update.

My birthday was great!

- Met my best friend for breakfast at our regular morning haunt, she told the staff it was my birthday before I arrived. So my soy latte arrived with post its saying happy birthday and some smarties. Apparently they wanted to sing, but my friend advised no thanks :-) She also bought me a yummy chocolate cake which I shared with work folk, it was amazing.

- Arrived at work. Work colleague sang happy birthday in German to me, then word got around, but there was no more singing, this was good.

- We had work morning tea for another event, and I had a tiny piece of cheesecake, I would have had more but I was going to spin at lunch and didn't want to puke.

- Yes I went to spin on my birthday, it was fun, except for the push ups and sit ups during one track when we got off our bikes. But it made me feel better and endorphins are grand.

- We went bowling after work, it was ladies night so it was $7 bowling and cocktails. I sucked, but still had fun. This may have been because of some beer and a cocktail.

- Dinner was yum, had capsicum tart with feta, and pumpkin and salmon gnocchi, and shared some apple crumble.

- I'm got some lovely gifts including some Body Shop Coconut Body Wash, a fab book, and private TENNIS lessons! Long story about the tennis lessons, tbc!

Tomorrow I'm off to the South Island for a long weekend and can't wait. I'll post some photos on my return.

Have a great weekend guys!

Oh an if you are wondering about the 38.30 in the title, it was my 5km time at the gym today, now to slice 8.31 off!


skinny latte said...

Sounds like a lovely day! I went and did a 2 hour Jivamukti yoga class on my birthday - I'm all for the endorphins and making yourself feel fabulous! Enjoy your long weekend :)

Kate said...

Sounds great! Wonderful presents too :)