Sunday, August 2, 2009


I didn't catch up on my lack of sleep this weekend, I didn't have late nights or anything, but i'm in need of a few 9 hour nights, and 8 hours nights more often than not. 6 on average, just does not do it.

I had a good weekend, caught up with friends, saw another and final film festival movie, did grocery shopping, went to yum char this morning. But i'm still tired and its a little after 9!

I also lost 200g at ww. Small, but still a loss. Back into a reasonable exercise program week, and am really looking forward to that.

So hopefully after some solid sleep i'll be back to normal and to give a much more interesting update.

Have a great week everybody!

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( . )( . ) said...

Definately need 8 hours of sleep, I dont know how people do it on any less, I get grumpy and all mean and stuff. Sleep is heavenly!