Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cough Cough

Tomorrow camp boot finishes, and unfortunately have been sick for a week, and have missed three sessions already. A bad bout of tonsillitis and a chest infection. I'm only heading back to work tomorrow, and whilst attending the post session final breakfast, I can't participate.

I'm gutted!

I know throughout though I have done my best, and I have had an absolute blast. I would have never signed up except for the encouragement from those who commented when I first floated the idea. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I've emailed my trainer to see if he'll go over the last few sessions with me, i'm sure he will, but it would have been nice to finish with everyone else...

There is so much going on at the moment, at least with the end of camp boot i'll have a sleep in option in the morning now :-)

-Both my housemates have moved out and have shacked up with their respective partners - I've filled one room with a very bubbly, chatty, and girly housemate (I've kind of turned into a jock somewhere along the line), so its so far proving interesting. The other room still remains vacant, and its bigger than mine. So i'm thinking of moving into that room, and seeing if we can find someone for my smaller room (its cute, but I really have outgrown it!) So if anyone knows of anyone looking for a room...

- Tri training is going okay, i've been sick, so it kind of stalled. Though I did somehow manage some swim training on Sunday. I have borrowed a friends very fancy bike, i need to take it for a ride asap. As i've only ever been on a mountain bike before. It's very intimidating. I've decided for the meantime to just rent the wetsuit for the few ocean swims (as I really AM going to get rid of some nagging kilos). Plus i've really REALLY learnt to LOVE running, so i'm thinking that might be my focus in the next 12 months or so...we'll see)

- I finally used my tennis lessons that I got for my birthday back in August I LOVE IT! And according to my coach, talented...who would have thought?! But more importantly I just really enjoy whacking the ball (the other day into another tennis game..oops!) But definantley want to keep with that too.

- And a friend and I have been taking beginners golf lessons, which I'm also loving. Can we see a trend....

There is a lot going on!

- Oh and I've got Thai cooking classes starting on Monday too.

Besides still coughing and spluttering about, things are going good, really good. I'm also for the first time going to this on the weekend!

Oh yeah!


Ali said...

any idea what size wetsuit you're after, I have a few just lying around hardly worn, I'd palm them off for just postage if one's your size

just email me if you're interested

Kate said...

Have fun at toast! Hope you feel better soon.