Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When Things Just Work

I had my second 5km series race today, I missed last week because I thought I was coming down with something, so I took a stack of vitamins and headed to bed.

Today, in an effort to get myself out of the office during my lunch break, I headed to spin, it was just what I needed, hard, lots of jumps, we gave it our all.

Then a few hours later I had my race. The weather wasn't that great, with a cranky Wellington wind afoot. We set off, and I paced myself, last time I had gone out way too fast, so this time the plan was simple, steady, and pump my arms hard and fast through the wind. I hit the 2.5 mark and turnaround feeling good, and also noticing that on my way back in none of the second wave fast runners had past me yet, which meant I was going faster than the previous race.

I got a light stitch just before I hit the waterfront again, and pushed through the wind hitting me back as fast as I could. The plan was to look at my watch at the turn point, and just near a little bridge on the way back before I hit the straight.

Once I hit the straight I used whatever was left and belted home, which is of course when my jacket tied around my waist started to drop, and drop and hit the ground, about 5 metres before the finish. I kind of stopped, laughed, hauled it back up and plodded over the finish line.

I knew I had done well, when I looked at my watch, and may have set a pb, but had to wait for the results to be posted.

And oh they got posted 34.58!!!!!!!!!! 2.46 less than the last race! and 1.79 off my previous PB.

Oh, and I didn't come last :-)


kathrynoh said...

Wow, your hard work is really paying off :) Awesome work.

Margaret said...

LOL - you are so descriptive! I could feel the jacket sliding off as you hit the final stretch. Well done on your PB - that is amazing!! Go you. x

Kate said...

That is awesome!

Rand(Om) Bites said...

Totally awesome hon, well done!

Sue said...

*victory dance*