Saturday, October 23, 2010

Marathon Prep Part One (kind of)

I’m currently in a frenzy of organisation and planning for next weekend. I want to make sure I have every form, fuel item, clothing item that I need planned out in advance. So I don’t leave anything here. I’ll also be wearing my running shoes on the plane, and carrying any gear I need on the day in my carry-on bag. Can you imagine the lists? Packing, on the plane, fuel, race day gear, ferry gear ARGH!

I leave for Auckland on Friday mid morning, and it’s only an hour flight. So once I land and check into my hotel, I plan on heading out to get my race pack and then head back to the hotel and organise it all out, then just relax. I intend to sleep well on Friday so at least there is one night of solid sleep.

On Saturday I don’t plan on doing much as I will need to be well rested, so no walking ages around town. I’m thinking of heading to a movie, or two. Make sure I am eating enough. It will be a really early night, so I’ll get up early on . As I write this I’m more excited than nervous, but also anxious. Yes I would love to have 5 hours something in total for the run, but you know, the aim is to finish, that’s it.

My trainer came back with the following about my food plan
That all looks pretty good, maybe make sure that your 'pee' is clear, and thats a good sign that your hydrated!! (Yeah I don’t want to be having nasty hydration issues next weekend, and it’s been a little problem before!)
Don't try anything different a couple of days before, it's the wrong stick with what foods make you feel good.

I also do need to eat more food when I am in Auckland – thanks Kate! So you know, I can run.

I’m up to $615 for my fundraising efforts! Awesome.

Rant of the week
Bendon, why on can you not make a decent sports bra for running, seriously! Yes racing straps are great, but maybe you could take a second look at the design so ONE person can put it on, without the need for assistance. As such I will now be saving for an Enell. Meanwhile if anyone has any tips for getting bra with a racing strap on without assistance – let me know. Sigh.

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Vic said...

Do not strangle yourself with your bar.. I just use their sport one but noticed I am "bouncing" a little more than I ever have today so it maybe time for a more tighter fitting one !