Saturday, March 5, 2011

Be Amazed, Be You.

Sometimes things happen that are completely unexpected. The run that Kate, Phil, Pip, Mike and I launched over a week ago has taken off. As you can see in my previous post, we hoped to raise $1000 and get 100 runners from all over the world. In just over a week we have managed to raise over $3500, and have had emails in from all over the world. We've been interviewed on the radio, done podcasts, had mentions in the newsprint, news websites, other bloggers have let their readers know about the run, and this morning I went on national tv live to talk about our little fundraiser. I think I can speak for the five of us and go we never expected this kind of response, and we are just thinking WOW.

I've been on tv once before, I think I was about six, my father initially trained as a tv cameraman, and one time they needed some children for a local commercial, nothing huge - for memory it may have been for a shopping centre. So I went along, had a chat to some people, whilst all the time being filmed, having no idea that I was - or more so unaware - I probably just thought they were setting up things, and then was that, commercial was filmed before I was aware it had started.

Today was a bit different, it was going to be live tv. I was nervous, very. But also knew the opportunity was HUGE. Pip came along with me and unfortunately wasn't able to be interviewed :-( But I am really glad she was able to come along, and be part of our tv efforts. We arrived and waited in reception briefly, before we were taken in and headed to makeup. I'd been sent instructions on clothing etc the day before, so knew they would touch up my makeup to make it tv ready, and adjust my curly hair. Everyone I met today was so welcoming, and made me feel at ease, I don't think i'll ever forget it.

Once my hair and make up was done, we headed to the green room, and I signed my release form and chatted to the other guests and staff. The guy that would be interviewing us came in to introduce himself and have a bit of a chat. Again, he put us all at ease, was very friendly, and genuine - I'm going to write them all a letter this week.

Time passed quickly and the stage manager came out to get us, and soon enough I was standing on the edge of the set with the sound technician getting my microphone on, and just pumping about the whole thing. The cameras looked light - although i'm sure they are not! Everyone was calm, chatty and friendly. The set was sparser than I expected, and it was all very surreal! Soon enough we were sitting on the couch getting sorted and our positions correct, and then it was all go. The co-host said we would on in total for about 8 minutes - and it would fly, and that it did.

And it went just fine!

I don't think i've ever had such a hit of adrenaline - as soon as we went off air after the interview ended, it just hit, it's only just starting to drop off. Pip couldn't shut me up the entire drive back into Wellington!

When I took up blogging years ago, I don't think I could have ever anticipated the opportunities or insights it gave me. I blogged about a lot of aspects of my life, and met some amazing people both in person, and online. Today also proved that if you do anything, do what you love and you are passionate about and the rest will follow.

And one other thing, don't ever hold yourself back from doing something because of your weight, ever. I admit late last night I did think that maybe it would stupid of me to represent the five of us on tv, because I didn't 'look' like a runner. And well, that's just crap. I am a runner, I may be slow, but I am a runner.

Today, I think I may have finally realised what i'm capable of, and what other people are capable of too. YOU are capable of anything, and I really do mean anything.

Follow your dreams, your heart, and your passions, and you'll take yourself to places you never imagined, and trust me, you'll never look back.


skinny latte said...

F**k yes, you ARE a runner! You've done a marathon baby - if that isn't a runner then I don't know what is!!

Can feel the pride and joy and happiness just seeping through in your words. Isn't it wonderful to arrive at a point like this in your life....words aren't enough for it. Keep striving, keep dreaming and keep going!! xxx

kathrynoh said...

Congratulations! Such a wonderful thing you are doing. I must sign up once I get my shit together, though I dunno if I have 5 km in me atm.

As for not looking like a runner, I'd see that as a huge bonus. Not only are you getting the message out for your run but you are living proof that you don't have to fit into a certain image to be a runner.

The reason we think runners look a certain way is because those that fit the image are the ones normally portrayed in the media, esp in running magazines etc.

Maybe seeing you on tv has encouraged other people don't see themselves as runner to have a go.

I can remember a fun run with you at the domain in Melbs and you were so proud to have included some running intervals into your walking. You were a runner then and you are certainly a runner now.

Me said...

I'm from Christchurch, so thanks for doing the running for charity thing. I'm sure that what you do will be most appreciated.

Sara said...

Thanks so much for doing this and for dropping by my (currently rather disaster laden) blog! I know I've already thanked you on Facebook, but here, more people will see it ;)
I saw your TV spot too, you did so well. I would have died of nerves or said something inappropriate, I'm sure.
XX You are fab.