Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On Yer Back!

Last Wednesday a little after 6am I bent down to put on my runners for gym, and ended up with a nice back problem (sprained lumbar with potential bulging disc has since been the diagnosis). I winced my way into my gym, which also has a physio clinic and have been to the physio almost every day since. Ordered tolay flat on my stomach, and do my prescribed exercises and a few days on pain killers and anti spasm medication has helped. I've started back sitting a little here and there now and no longer have a really uncool limp.

The thing was I was highly unimpressed, that is happened whilst preparing for exercise! It was kind of amusing telling the physio and my doctor that the injury was done whilst getting ready for gym.

I go back to work tomorrow, for half a day and then will work from home in the afternoon for a few days, and ease back in. I cannot wait to go for a swim let alone run on a treadmill, but realise the need to not go all out then end up back in pain. I walked into town this afternoon to meet a friend for coffee (standing up of course!) and it was nice to get outside. It's a very short walk into town from my place, but took so long, it was nice to move though, and it did my back good.

It only makes me more focussed to strengthen my back, so I am not at risk of it happening again. I'm young, I should not have back problems!

So the week in bed gave me lots of time to think about things I want to do, so many things. And knowing that nothing is stopping me, and well nothing really ever was.

I was thinking about going back to WW, but for the next month or two will try out Sparkpeople. I don't think I've ever counted calories, and I like the idea of being able to track fat, protein etc. But it will be interesting to try something different. My eating isn't out of control by no means, but it can be improved, and this is a new way to look at what I eat, and where my nutrition is coming from.

One thing I never really had to think about was the difference that alcohol into my diet, I just never really drank at all until I moved here. Now it's a semi regular thing, and I have to realise it does come into play, and I can't just think that alcohol is made up of zero calories!

Lots to think about I guess, and for the first time in a long time, it does not scare me.


M said...

"Ouch" From someone who sits here with 3 permanently bulging discs I can tell you that it will get better. The pain goes and you can walk straight and tall again. But I agree, strengthening your core stability muscles will stop this happening again. This is something that I have to address too as my added weight and lack of fitness is starting to raise its head in my back..If that makes sense LOL..

You sound really good. Your head is really in a great space and I think knowing where your nutrition comes from is a smart move for long term weight stability. Well done :)

ali said...

For someone that xrays people for a living, you'd be surprised how easily people injure their backs.

You forget just how much you use your back to get around,
hope you're feeling better soon, I wouldn't wish back pain on my worst enemy!