Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

Inspired by Green Ink -

nectarines - I went for a random supermarket shop today, just to pick up a few things, and saw them almost as soon as I walked into the fruit and vegetable section. They are my favourite fruit. I also bought a mango for $4 ... hopefully it is worth it.

planning holidays - one of my housemates is planning to celebrate her 30th in Samoa in late April next year. I simply cannot wait!

wine - after years of just not really having much of an interest I am finding my own palate, and am enjoying trying all sorts of wines. I have discovered I really like Gewertzamine having really never tried it before.

lazy music afternoons - even though housebound by my back for most of last week. I did enjoy spending last sunday laying on my bed with the sun shining through and just listening to a random selection of tunes. Nothing fancy, it was just nice.

brunch - my favourite weekend meal, any meal really. I used to love french toast, then one of my best frieds here made me her home made recipe, and nothing comes close. So now it just depends what looks good on the menu - at the moment it's pancakes.

*On another note all together. I have been counting calories this week, not reverting from my normal meals really and just seeing if things need to be altered. YES. I keep hitting over the calorie mark but even more eye opening, is the fat content of my diet at the moment. It was way much higher than I thought, way high people, way!


M said...

I love the concept of this post.. Nothing like putting down some positive things to make you feel happy :)

And I think what you are doing with your food recording is so great because you are taking stock of the nutritional value of the food you are eating and can see what things can be improved. This is such a healthy way to go about things..

And I think Somoa would be a beautiful place to visit :)

ali said...

mmm nectrines, I miss all the fresh summer fruits you get down south...hope they taste delicious

holidays are always good, never been to Samoa but I bet it'll be awesome!

as for calorie counting, never tried it... I'm interested to see how you go with it in coming weeks