Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My work pants are snug, well actually they are more than snug, and I only have myself and a few too many chocolate bars to blame.

Now my jeans are snug, I would say in the past few weeks I've put on maybe three kilos, not awful. But whe you are just between sizes, and I mean just, it's NOT good.

So I am off to a friends for dinner, to go over what I eat, and see if there are other problems in the food arena, besides the demolishing of sweet goods.

I feel like I sort of panicked when I saw that low weight on the scale a few weeks go, and then went a bit nuts. Maybe it is fear of the unknown, or finally getting close to goal?

Anybody have this problem?


M said...

It is really normal to go a bit nuts when you see the numbers getting really close. I don't know if it is an internal dialog that we have with ourselves that says "oh you aren't going to stay at that number anyway so you might as well start putting it on now", or just a knee-jerk reaction to seeing something that we have been after for a long time.

Kind of like spending money when you don't have any because it might not be there later!! Personal reverse logic..

Once you go through the food plan I am sure you will be able to put something together to knock this back in plan. My current habit of making a big soup on Monday night and then having it for lunch for the rest of the week seems to be going well. It takes my mind off the 'hunting' for something to eat because I know it is planned.

kathrynoh said...

I have problems with going a bit crazy after losing a bit of weight... I think it's a combination of "I've been good, now I can reward myself" plus I've just weighed in so I can eat up now and have the rest of the week to get rid of it! Stupid brain.