Thursday, November 27, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

bagels- a group of us at work have 'bagel thursday' we go out for lunch and have bagels. it's a little ritual, sometimes it is followed by pub friday, but at the moment we have rather heavy workloads, so bagels it is.

home grown spinach - we planted one large pot of spinach and I am having some of it with my lunch salad tomorrow. I brought a bunch around to a friend when I went to her house for dinner, and having had it today with her lunch she assures me that it is tasty.

birthdays - one of my best friends here in NZ in celebrating her 30th tomorrow, party on!

le gym - my physio said I can go back and do walking and some swimming each day but not to overdo it. I was starting to climb the walls a bit and missed gym. I forgot however to ask about wearing a backpack when heading to gym, so for now I will need to settle with careful packing.

warmer weather - i made up my bed this evening and removed the electric blanket, maybe the last week of semi warm and strange light humid weather has given me hope!

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M said...

Yay for things you love.

Nothing beats fun with friends, fresh vegetables, and a means to stop climbing walls :)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend