Saturday, June 20, 2009

I do and don't

I do not drink enough water
Early in the week I drink enough water, then my intake slows down. On the weekend, hmm, unless I go to the gym, I have the odd glass. It is something I really need to work on.

I cannot have junk food i the house, at all.
I've tried, but until I can just have a couple of chocolates rather than all of them, then they stay on the supermarket shelf.

I am generally healthy during the week
I don't have huge blowouts on the weekend, but I do go out more than I did when I lived in Melbourne, and whilst my eating is quite structured during the week, the weekend is never really organised. This goes for exercise as well.

Sugar, oh yeah.
Until I have sugar, I have no cravings for it. I can go for weeks without having anything sweet, but when I do it is either a one off, or sets of a chain reaction of the chocolate monster/cake monster/monsters in general.

I have always insisted I would never give it up, I add to about half of my meals. I'm going to make the switch to sea salt, and ditch the over processed kind.

Le Gym
I love my gym, yes love, but I do need to more consistent, and do my weight training, and get cycling pants for spin. I also have just discovered boxing, why didn't I try that before!

I can see my biceps now, and discovered my collar bone goes all the way across.

Biceps and Bones I have biceps, the triceps are still playing catchup. Also, my knowledge of collarbones was clearly lacking, it goes ALL THE WAY ACROSS, seriously I had no idea.

and finally
I went back to weight watchers, ahhh portion size!


Anne said...

I have the same love-hate with sugar, though I am one of those rare humans who hates chocolate. Good luck returning to WW. Hope it gives you the boost you need.

rand(om) bites said...

I am totally like you with water and thinking of buying a pretty SIGG bottle to inspire me to drink me, ha!

Nope, no junk food in the house either. Or I eat it. The whole lot. In one sitting.

I love that you can see the effects of working out, it really is amazing how much more stronger you feel too. Boxing, yes, love!