Monday, January 19, 2009


The scales saw a 2.4kg loss this week!

I cannot complain.

A very quick post I'm afraid, as I need to go to sleep as I need to be at gym early tomorrow morning, and before I doze off I need to what I am doing exercise this week.


Its all about me said...

Well done on your loss.

Pip said...

Well done! You are doing awesome!!!

Carolyn Anna Hall said...

Well done you

Vic said...

That is a fab loss well done!!!!
Bet you are feeling pretty awsome right now!

M said...

Just popping in to say hello. Hello. :)

Vic said...

Are you there??? where did you go Fat assassin?? Are you doing the harbour city 10 km walk????? I am wanna come play with me??

Love me

Vic said...

Hi, I can not facebook at school, so email me at My meeting is in featherston (sp) street tomorrow morning at 10pm. The leader is the best one in wellington, well thats my opinion and you know I am rather fussy, let me know if you are going to come, I have a few other friends who go to this meeting as well. Its in the ASB (i think) chambers look on the ww website they have the meetings listed on there.

home you are good