Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Sessions

I had planned to go to spin yesterday morning, but when the alarm went off, the bed just looked way more comfortable. So I slept in for an extra hour or so, it was great! It means I'm heading to the gym shortly, as I'm planning to stick to this six day a week business, plus the weather here this morning isn't that grand (and it's a long weekend!). I've never been to the gym on a Sunday, so I'll be keen to see if anyone else is either!

1 comment:

Vic said...

Hey you,

I am doing round the bays as well. Are you walking or running it?
I am walking it I can only interval run at the moment.. still a little to heavy.

Hope gym was good.

Me I am still feeling ew my tummy has some sort of issue. So I will just stay away from exercise today I think.

Take care