Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sweet Sleep & A Dash of Lime

It has taken about two weeks to change my sleeping patterns. I've always been a night owl. But in order not to want to sleep at my desk whilst at work, or become a complete grump. The owl is dead!

I like starting my day with some exercise, on my way to work I know that my workout for the day is done, and if I want I can go back for more. It adds a bit of spring to my step, and for the most part I'll go back for a swim in the afternoon, just because I like to close off my day like that too.

It means that I am usually tucked up in bed by 9.30! I'm am hoping as the months go by I can push it to a more reasonable hour of 10, but we'll see how I go. One morning during the week, I do sleep in an extra half hour, and just go either in the afternoon or at lunch and in the afternoon. It gets me revived for the weekend, well at least it has so far. Early days, I know. But for someone who always thought it would be late nights, no more!

And the lime? Sick of balsamic vinegar in your salad, or just want to try something new. Add lime juice as your dressing, nothing else. A friend put me on to it, and well, it great!


Carolyn Anna Hall said...

I am totally inspired by your blog. Thanks for really putting it out there. GREAT!!

Love from Perth.

Vic said...

Hey chicke,

Cell number is 0274 655 695, give me a txt and we can catch up any time!

I thought you left us for another country other wise I would have attempted to find you sooner.

Are you doing a weight loss program or just your own thing??

I am doing ww.. seems to work for me.. ohh and exercising like a crazy person.. haha love it though.

Anne said...

You're back! Or, rather, I'm back!!

Love the lime tip. I never thought of it but it makes perfect sense. And you might find the opposite on the sleep end...that you go to bed earlier and earlier instead of later. That's what happens to me.

Cinders said...

I like the idea of Lime. I'm happy to have my salads naked but i may try the lime - thanks.