Monday, January 12, 2009

Sun Up, Sun Down

Spin was great, yes even at 7am - it was a great way to start the week. And although I felt sore afterwards, and tired at the same time I felt a revived on the way to work, it was a great feeling.

I also lost 900g since my last weigh in a week ago, which I am really happy with too. I admit I had a moment when I thought, maybe it should have been more, but then I reminded myself, that I had worked hard and eaten well, any loss was good, and this one was even better, I worked hard for it.

I went for a swim after work, it was nice, gym was very busy, all those people back after Christmas to make a dent in their possible festive excess!

Good on them, I'm one of them, and my life of excess goes back somewhat longer!


ali said...

I love how everyone is out there trying to lose weight at the moment, it sure makes for a buzzing enviroment to work out in!

I think I need to try a spin class, it's the only one I've never done before, and everyone seems to love them.
but possibly not at 7am ;o)

Congrats on the loss

rand(om) bites said...

900g is pretty good hon! I'm doing my first spin class on Saturday, can't wait :-)

Vic said...

Hello you!!

Nice to see you about have thought about you a lot since I left "that place".

Hope you are well!!!!
Well done on your weight loss, how long have you been at it??

Cinders said...

Well done on the loss and all the exercise. Great start.