Sunday, January 11, 2009


Last week I did 6.5 hours of solid exercise, that doesn't include my walk to and from the gym and strolling about on the weekend, nope. This was 6.5 hours of le sweat.

Tuesday was not so great, I didn't sleep enough (4.5 hours) and after my 6am swim I was okay, but after lunch I crashed and around 3pm, I was ready to crawl under my desk at work and sleep away. That night, I got home made dinner and slept well, Wednesday I had to pry my eyes open in the morning.

So it is a process, and need now, of just going to bed earlier, I did that for the remainder of the week, and it payed off.

I weigh in tomorrow morning, I will be interested to see what the scales say. I'm also doing the first of two spin classes before work tomorrow, the other one is Wednesday.

I can already feel the burn!

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