Monday, January 5, 2009

Don't Hit That Button!

My very relaxing break from all things work ended at 5.40am today when my alarm went off, and I opened one eye slowly and thought, ugh! And then thought of my photos from yesterday, the fact that I actually enjoy morning gym, and that my work gear was in my bag and wasn't coming out, and I dragged myself out. Once I was up and dressed and grabbed my lunch out of the fridge on the way out the door, I was ready.

One of the biggest things I have found out though, it if you want to make sure you get out that door, is to pack the night before, so all you have to do in the morning is get up, dressed, and walk out the door. And make your lunch the night before - at the moment what works best for me is making lunch whilst my dinner is cooking away.

I can pretty much guarentee if I don't pack the night before, nine times out of ten, I wake up and decide to go later (and most of the time I do). I don't think it would actually take much longer to organise myself in the morning, but waking up and knowing I have very little to do, for me, it works.

I went to gym twice today, (also a good thing about going in the morning!) in my first session I did 40 mins of brisk walking on the treadmill 6.5km pace, and after work I did the same pace, but for 50 mins. I had planned to go for a swim, but the pool was on a holiday of its own, hence the treadmill double.

Physio man granted me new wings today, I asked if I was okay to register and participate in the 7km fun run coming up in February, and also if I could attend spin classes from next week. I was very happy he said yes, and then he showed me through some more core exercises to help me along, and we spoke of the assistance that a pilates class once a week may do i helping me have a more healthy back and stable core.

Today, was grand.


M said...

Yay you :) :) Those photos are wonderful motivators aren't they. And I so agree with you about packing the night before. I think it is totally about getting yourself into as easy a place as possible in the morning so there is no excuse..

Well done to you, and congrats on the physio's OK for the fun run - yaaaay. :)

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I think packing the night before is a great idea. I do that when I want to go extra early for whatever reason. But if going at my normal time (leaving the house at 6:30am) I'm okay with packing in the morninig and I still get out the door on time.