Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Soy latte w/ one sugar 2.5 points
Oats with Trim Milk and Jam - 3.5 points
4 x Toast with v.mite and jam (not together!) - 8 points
One small bowl vegies - 0 points
1 Banana Cookie Lara Bar - 3.5 points
1 Pecan Pie Lara Bar 3.5 points
2 x diet coke - 0 points
Sesame Blue Tortilla Chips - 3.5 points
Chicken wrap (subway) - 7 points

= 31.5 points
Water - 4
Exercise - None

What on earth is going on?! I've turned into some kind of crazed snacking woman. I know exactly what is going on though - I'm not organised - I didn't do a proper grocery shop, and now all hell has broken loose!

Tomorrow I'm planning a well needed fridge and pantry shop. I've ran out of almost everything!


I normally wouldn't whine this much but I spent a lot of my day waiting for electricians etc, and was only to be away from work for an hour at most, and it turned into a lot longer!

1 comment:

Vic said...

Heya chick what is you points limit?

Just wondering if we are the same? I find sometimes sticking to 23 hard as I am starving!