Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I didn't get to post what I ate yesterday...

So here it is!

Soy latte - large - 3 points
Oats w/ trim milk - 2.5 points
Kiwifruit x 2 - 2 points
2 x gluten free toast with one small tin ww baked beans - 4.5 points
Hot Chocolate x 2 - ? points
One Earl Grey Tea w/ milk and one sugar - 1 point
Tandoori chicken with yogurt pilaf - 6 points
One slice gf toast with pb and jam - 3 points
Rice crackers - 2 points

= 24 points (without the hot choc!)

It appears it was the day of hot drinks. I need to bring my green tea to work! I normally wouldn't have had a large soy latte either, but my mate got it, I gently reminded her today only small ones from now on when its her shout - I just don't need or want that much coffee!

Lunch was yum, I have not been for a pantry restock kind of grocery trip for ages (THIS WEEKEND!), so I grabbed that and my bread on the way out the door. So filling! Will have it again, no problems.

The tandoori chicken is from the ww 5 Ingredients cookbook - I made it a couple of weeks ago (with the prawns, as per the cookbook - so good!). I needed to use some of the tandoori paste up, so made it again with chicken. Very quick, very easy!

Water x 4
Exercise - None

I'll post again later on about today and food, and about my pantry plan!

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Vic said...

I find it soo interesting seeing what other people eat hehehe.. Watties spagetti is 2 points for half a tin.. and its way more than the ww baked beans.. just another idea for you..