Monday, July 20, 2009

Results Not Typical!

I'm tracking on my blog this week, along with writing in my food diary. None of my weeks are typical, so this may be somewhat more interesting for me, than it is for you...

Soy latte - 2 points
Oats with Trim Milk - 2.5 points
Apple - 1 point
Soy and Linseed Bread w/ chicken, gherkin, cheese, and mayo. - 8 points
Ginger Snap Lara Bar - 3.5 points
Kiwifruit x 2 - 1.5 points
Bolognase with gluten free pasta (ww recipe) - 4 points
Soy and linseed toast x 2 - 3 points
5 rice crackers - 1/2 point

Most days during the week I meet a friend for coffee, I tend to only have one coffee per day, and average about 4 per week at a guess. If I have more than 2, i'm pretty wired!

My oats - I normally have oats with rice milk, the taste is great and I don't feel the need to add any sugar, or anything sweet. In the past I have added sliced banana whilst the oats are being cooked and then stirring it when done, so it's creamy banana goodness. I forgot to get rice milk on the way to work this morning, so it was the trim milk that went in, nothing added.

That sandwich - Not typical, I had leftover chicken from yesterday and had bought gherkins on a whim, and cheese (something I don't have much of at all anymore), and there was a choice between butter and mayo this morning, I went for the mayo. Not the healthiest thing, I know. But I enjoyed every bite.

Lara Bars - Love them, just fruit and nuts...YEAH. Tried ginger snap today, yum!

That toast after work - It was just toast in the toaster, no spread. Not the best idea, Moving along!

Water x 5 (I aiming 3 more glasses before bed, I have not had any since I finished work, oops!)
Exercise - 40 minute walk.

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Vic said...

heya, this method of posting my food has helped me heaps. So I am pleased that you are giving it a go too. It is also interesting to see what people eat and when etc. I wish I could eat bread but if I do I go crazy hungry and eat like a pig. So I avoid it 90% of the time. I do my food in a spread sheet the night before and adjust it as I go through the day making any changes needed etc. Means I know what I am eating and taking with me for lunch etc.

Good luck looking forward to seeing you on Sat, want to go for a coffee afterwards?
Ps I have some clothes for you too..if you want them.