Sunday, July 19, 2009

Goal Posts

I put on a 1 kg this week. Initially I was rather bummed about the whole thing, but then I had a think and a talk to a friend about it., and realised that.

- I did not drink enough water this week, at all.
- I seriously need to keep away from the hot chocolate machine at work, this would be FINE if I knew how many points a cup was, but I don't. I only have one per day, but still I have no idea of the point value, this is not the best way to go!
- Beer, I had 3. Actually I can't remember the last time I had beer before this week, maybe summer? But again, POINTS!
- My friend and I went to a sushi train type place in Wellytown, and normally we stick to the sushi and rolls, and have maybe one plate of fried things. This time is was very much the opposite, we won't be doing that again, more so because we didn't feel full at all.
- No gym, I did a little bit of walking, but my back was bad this week. And physio has given me to go ahead to do light swimming, walking (no incline), cross trainer (dependent on how I feel on it), and stretches. No spin or boxing though :-(

So looking back, it kind of becomes bloody obvious!

But I was still rather down about it all, but I'm better now. I've decided to change a few things, because at the moment the 99 kilo mark is looming, and its mind games all the way. I am so over losing the same few kilos and putting them back on. After a bit of a 'argh, i don't know what to do'. My friend came up with a GENIUS idea.

Friend - What's your goal weight?
Me - 80, for me less for ww, but you know we'll see how I feel, look and stuff at 80 and go from there. I just need to get past this stupid 100kg mind game crap.
Friend - How about you move your goal weight to 96, until you get there and then move on. It will stop you focusing on the 100kg.
Me - (Jaw drops)...hmm that might actually work.

It's becoming clearer that this is more of a mind game then I realised. People told me that, and whilst I wasn't skeptical, I didn't think I fitted into that category.

Because its all so close...I need to remind myself how far I have actually come, but at the same time, realise there is more left to do and achieve.

So, I'm 8.5kg from goal.


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