Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I'm finding it hard to keep motivated, food wise. Exercise is fine, i'm not at gym or anything this week as I have screwed my back (again) and at the moment I'm not even allowed to do swimming. I see my physio again tomorrow and I'm hoping for some permission to swim. So I really need to keep an eye on my food.

I need to track, and I need to weigh and look at my portion sizes, and I need to increase my water intake.

One day at a time...

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Vic said...

Hey chick,

Bugger about your back.
I plan my meals the day before and my snacks then I know what I am eating. I also love my scales and recommend even getting some cheaper ones if you don't have them as well, my wee eyes have opened a little as to how quickly one or two points can be added by having sh*t scales that done weigh 100% correct.
I have some clothes for you, will you be at weigh in this week?
Take care and get better....:)