Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tortilla Madness

I made the most delicious lunch today. My housemate uses tortilla wraps all the time, and has raved about the wholemeal ones, so today whilst doing my grocery shopping I grabbed a packet, and they are okay to freeze too!

Tuna Tortilla
1 wholemeal tortilla wrap - 2 points
Small tin of tuna spread - 3 points
4 x pimento stuffed olives - .5 points
1/2 tomato - 0 points
Handful of spinach - 0 points
Cracked pepper - 0 points
Total points 5.5

It was creamy, salty just what I felt like, and I don't normally get tuna spread, but I just wanted something with an extra kick today, and the olives were a last minute idea too - 3 made it into the tortilla, I had one mid preparation!

I went to my ww meeting, and had a loss of 600g, which I am really happy with, considering the week I've had. I was actually dreading the scales today, so it was a sense of relief when I had lost.

I had a good go at restocking my fridge and pantry today with some yummy goodness, and well as thinking ahead. I meant to buy some frozen berries, and only remembered when I got to the checkout, next week!

In my haul this week.
Lite Greek Yoghurt - I get Yoplait, but if you have any other suggestions go right ahead! And no, they don't sell Jalna in NZ :-(
Fruit & Veg - I'm going to the vegie market tomorrow morning, so I only got a few things. Garlic, shallots, spinach mix (rather limp i might add), tomato, bananas, carrot sticks, and coriander.
Meat - Pork fillets, and steak of some sort (not a big steak person, but something different)
Dairy - Rice milk (well its my dairy), babybell cheeses, greek yoghurt.
Frozen - Fish fillets (not crumbed) and Bag of Frozen Veg (this is my planning ahead emergency meal, too lazy idea).
Tinned - Corn, Chickpeas, Beetroot, Cannellini Beans, ww baked beans, tuna
Other items -Eggs, Almonds, Rooibus tea, Hummus, Firm Tofu, Wholemeal Tortilla Wraps
Things I forgot - those berries, Almond Butter

Also does anyone know if they sell Green Monster in NZ? I've seen people talk about in blogs before (its added to smoothies?)

7.6kg until 96kg!


Kate said...

I just ADORE Naturlea yoghurt! (also- ignore my facebook msg...just clicked the wrong blog link)

Vic said...

Heya chick... wohoo back on the horse!!

I did ok with dinner last night over ate a little bit but thats ok..

Look forward to seeing what you are eating for the rest of the week.