Sunday, August 23, 2009


Lay in bed wondering about if I should go to ww, or gym, or both, or not at all. Wrestled with the idea of just plodding about at home. Then I realised if I skipped ww, there was no way I was going to the gym. I got up and went (I should add, we have scales at home, I weighed, thought I was in for a loss and felt better about going...). I went to ww (on route I bought some new gym socks, way overdue people, way!). I arrived to find, my clothing and wet hair add another 1.1kg to my frame, and in fact, I had put on 300g - which given my birthday weekend treats of wine and umm that pie was all good.

So after my meeting, I toddled off to gym, and spent 20 minutes on the cross trainer and then did some weight and core work, as well as some back exercises. It was a really good workout. I ended up meeting a friend at a cafe and we tucked into eggs and salmon and some coffee. Unfortunately my friend was rather hung over, and I was high on endorphins, it would have been fun to watch. I also grabbed my free coffee, which meant that I got a free piece of cake...oh dear- and yes we devoured it later on.

We headed off costume shopping for a party early next month, had a blast, and got a tad carried away, so much so we almost got locked in an op shop that was closing! We hope to finish off our costumes next week. I then decided we should fill in our passports, the beer kind - see the following link for more details
Oh, and we just started, so that's 21 beers in 7 days, not'll be a miracle if we get there, but it will be fun either way! We managed two, and some wedges, and headed back to cook a healthy dinner, and watch a movie.


I slept in - I thought I woke at 9am, only to find when I checked it was 11am! I made some oats - I'm working on compiling some yummy oat recipes, as I have been experimenting of late. I also made some coffee, and sat down to some late morning tv, which I hardly ever do, so it was quite a treat. I had a french lesson with my teacher at 2pm which was really helpful, we went over tenses and I feel more confident now, and I'm glad I asked for a private lesson, just one and I feel so much better.

I didn't get any grocery shopping done at all this weekend, and wasn't keen to head out at 5pm to a rush. So scoured the cupboards and made pasta with spinach, tomato and feta with some black pepper - it was yummo and so simple. Make it to share, otherwise you'll have two serves like I did.

It's late now, and I'm still getting organised for gym tomorrow morning - early sessions this week. I'm busier than usual with cocktail classes, a movie night at a mates and 3 seminars before Wednesday, then language class, before more some beer tasting on Saturday night.

It was one of those lovely weekends, I feel refreshed.


skinny latte said...

I like the sound of that beer passport!

Jadey 0:-) said...

That pasta sounds yummy and 2 serves of pasta is always good. Cause it's so good to take for lunch tomorrow :P