Monday, August 31, 2009

About a Beer

My best friend and I completed our passport, which involved us being at a pub at 10.30pm on a Thursday night sharing a Guinness. I definitely found the experience and trying all the beers during the week interesting, but 21 between us in less than 7 days, was a bit much, and on top of that the beer festival on Saturday night night, needless to say. Enough!

Saturday morning I headed to an early session of spin, made harder by me being somewhat hung over. It was a very hard session, after which I decided I had been going regularly to go and invest in some spin pants. So I headed of to the local nike shop, and tried on a pair, they fitted (i seriously thought they wouldn't), and walked out feeling pretty cool.

This the third technical type of clothing I own. I picked up some awesome Puma running pants that I LOVE at a rebel sale a few months back, and am waiting for them to go on sale again to get some more. I also have one active top from ye old warehouse, does the job also. So I was set for spin for the coming week.

WW was interesting, I told the weigher that I was in for a gain, after a week of beer basically. She wasn't impressed. I put on 2kg...So she started kind of having a go at me, and I kind of gave her the 'look', and stayed for the meeting. Hmm.

I met a friend for a late brunch, had some yummy muesli, yoghurt, and fruit combo, and amazing coffee. We then went wandering about town looking for clothes that were not going to fill our beer belly, I did get some much needed shoes on sale though!

We enjoyed the beer festival. Of note was the christmas beer, seriously tasted like christmas! And some of the ciders were nice too. I attended an fascinating seminar on cheese and beet matching - YES they match better than wine and cheese, I was a bit unsure, but we practiced during the session and were turned. Although we won't be doing proper testing, as I don't want to see any form of beer or grape variety for a looong time. I've never been a social drinker, or when I am it isn't very often. So my face looked like it had been attacked by a monster at the end of the week, my hair was limp, I was grumpy, and my belly was more bouncy than it should ever be!

So i'm now 106kg, i'm over being a century people, oveeer!


Vic said...

The weigher is contracted to say nothing it is not her job to comment on your weight I am pissed off for you.
I am going to ww on sat are you??

skinny latte said...

Yeah, the weigher sounds like she needs to get off her horse there :P

Being healthy doesn't mean not having a life and doing something fun like drinking BEER! Oh sweet nectar. And the fact that it goes so well with cheese...well, my life is complete. Have you ever made a Welsh Rarebit with a slug of beer in the cheese mix? Heaven!

Here's to being healthy AND enjoying a bit of what we fancy.