Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My gym are running a bootcamp style thing from the beginning of October through to the beginning of November...
I'm really really keen.

I need to able to run/jog 10-15mins, which I'm pretty sure I can do, actually I know I can do, but yeah kind of s my pants people!

So do I or don't I?

Keeping in mind, I'm going to talk to physio dude to see if he thinks it's okay if I rampage about 3 mornings a week.
I need to double check the 10-15 minutes running/indoors/and out (this bc is outdoors)
I'm thinking I may see the trainer dude that is running it and get a pre fitness test kind of thing, so he and I know i'm either okay to go, or we can work on a programme for the next time he runs it.


It's a really small group, 10 people or so. So I am wary of being at the waaay back of the pack kind of deal.

Thank you :-)


skinny latte said...

DO IT!!!! What a way to kickstart your fitness and get motivated!

Vic said...

What are you scared of? you can run that far I know you can.. soo... DO IT..

Go and see him and ask he may say, hey I am doing a beginners one after that or something but I tell ya a change is a good as a holiday!!

Kate said...


When I did bootcamp, with about the same # of people, we did not really notice the back of pack/front of pack divide too much. Normally we did loops, so we might have lapped people once or twice, but we would all finish together. And BOY- you should have seen how some people improved.