Friday, September 11, 2009

Just move it!

I'm sooo tired. Early to bed tonight people! And it's Friday, I know.

I've had excellent this week, with food and exercise, and reasonable at the same time. On Monday I went on a very impromptu walk- I picked out a lunchtime walk about 20 minutes before lunch and went up above the city into botanical gardens and back down through the cemetery (next time i'll take camera, it may make more sense!) In the meantime see here for more info :-) And then I went to spin after work.

Tuesday I had my boxing class, where I was introduced to burpees - I'm crap, but I can only get better! But I finally got my base combo going, thank goodness, it has taken me ages to get it, aha!

Wednesday my spin for nutters started (read advanced), the class included one leg drills, and hills a plenty, awesome. Plus I found out the trainer for that class is going to the World Champs for Tri this weekend, how cool!

Thursday morning I had my pre camp prep session with my trainer, we did circuit training, running FAST, press ups, squats, burpees, reverse crunches, tricep dips, prone planks, and more running, REPEAT x 4. I have a plan to complete the circuit 4-6 in the session. The only rest in there is 1.5-2mins at the end of the second run, that's it. And build the intensity up along the way before camp boot starts in a few weeks. So for the first time in a long time, everything is focussed on getting fitter for camp, the weight loss is a bonus, and it is happening faster now, as I am actually hauling my rear all over the place. Clearly the adrenaline is still running. I had planned to go to spin at lunch, but I cancelled, it was a smart choice.

Today I had lunchtime spin again, a lot of sprints, wanted to vomit by the end, knew I had worked really hard.

Tomorrow I have my first tennis lesson (part of my birthday gift), hopefully the weather improves, before that I also have spin. I am having a planned nap tomorrow afternoon, as I have a friends housewarming, that will no doubt go very late.

All this week I have been focussed on one thing, getting fitter for bootcamp, anytime I want to stop or slow down, I just keep thinking bootcamp is going to be harder, MOVE YOUR ARSE!

I have so many posts to catch up on, I hope to get to some before I hit the pillow.

Have a great weekend people!

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