Sunday, September 20, 2009

Plan B

Actually it's just my training plan for the week ahead.

Monday - Morning swim, long and easy. And hopefully a much needed physio appointment - I've pulled something in my leg, or near my err bum, either from over extending my leg on Thursday come forward from a burpee, or my spin class on Friday at lunch. Hopefully it is minor, and it can be remedied for camp boot. I didn't get to my normal spin class yesterday because of it, and i've been feeling quite grumpy ever since.

Tuesday - Morning - Cross training session, and my normal after work boxing session.

Wednesday - Spin

Thursday - Cross Train

Friday - Spin

Saturday - Cross training

I had a really good exercise and food week this past week, which does not at all explain the 1.4kg gain yesterday, I mean, really!

I also had an not that great week at work, actually it was pretty horrendous, but you get that now and then, as long as it does not become regular event, i'll be fine. But I'm a bit dejected all round really. I'm also going to post my points and food again for this week, just so I can see or anyone else can if there is something amiss.

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Kate said...

Hope you're feeling more upbeat soon :) I'm finding really good for evening out the weekly weight results- I know some people don't like weighing daily, but at least that way you're always weighing yourself, and not one night of pigginess (or a long day of exercise)!