Monday, October 5, 2009

Run Run Run

I didn't sleep that great more for the howling wind, and rain than anything else. I got up at 5am, got dressed, heating my oats, and crawled back into bed for ten minutes whilst I ate my oats, and wondered if the wind outside was really as bad as it sounded.

I grabbed my lunch and headed out. It was cold, very cold, and it was windy.

Normally I'd walk with a bit of a kick to gym, but I strolled in, an easy 20 minutes. Warmed up, and got there about ten minutes before the doors opened (guess who is sleeping in until 5.10 on Wednesday!).

But you just probably want to know what happened, yeah?

We ran for a few minutes across to the waterfront, and did some training, burpees, push ups, cross overs, kick ups, kick backs, sprints, and lunges, and repeat. I'm not sure of the order, but you get the idea. We then ran across further along the water front, did more burpees, press ups, tricep dips, and running intervals, alot of them. We then ran back, picking up speed back to our original training spot and did more interval training, stretched and then ran back.

It was hard, really hard. But not impossible. There was more running than I expected, but I did all the required running, and all the tasks we had - except, when we were asked to do 10 burpees at one stage I did 5. But other than that, I did pretty well.

I've got six weeks of this left, we all do. It'll be hard, but I'm looking forward to it.

To be honest most of the people are fit, they one of them superfit (awesome infact) -but we are all regular gym or fitness type folk. I'm really glad I had a pre camp training programme, spoke to my trainer about doing it. It boosted my fitness a little more beforehand, I had practice in doing things like burpees - which I had never even tried before until a few weeks ago.

There was NO WAY I could have done this a year ago, I was kind of fit, but I'm so much fitter now and that is one thing I am really proud of.

I'm so tired, but I did it! :-D


skinny latte said...

YAY!!! Go you!!!

Can you imagine how great you're going to feel in six weeks time? :)

Really proud of you xx

kathrynoh said...

Nice work. It's such a good feeling to notice your fitness improving!

Kate said...

Awesome! Bootcamp made a huge difference to me, and it will make an AMAZING difference for you!

I love crazy hard workouts :)

Jadey 0:-) said...

Congrats honey! Doesn't it feel great to be doing things you know weren't possible awhile back. It shows how many things have changed in your life and the path that you are on.