Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finding Time

I went for a facial during my lunch hour tonight it was just what I needed. My trainer had to move our session until Saturday - SO I should have still gone to gym, but I didn't. And for once, it was the right choice.

I'm struggling with tri squad - it would have helped if I had actually gone and practiced of my road bike that a mate has lent me. But I've been sick, and other less relevant excuses. I don't mind being slow, but I don't want to hinder anyone either. I just need to practice, and have a go. Oddly enough during camp boot I discovered how much i LOVE running, and running OUTDOORS! I have a feeling that may be my focus in 2010.

Along with summer ideas....i'm just not sure how to fit them in!

Bikram Yoga - I really liked it, I always had to concentrate so hard that I really had to switch off from everything else, very zen for me.

Tennis - I'm GOOD at it. Okay, is only been two lessons, but I have talent, yeah!

Swim Squad - I went for a training session the other day for squad LOVED it. I used to go to swim squad 2-3 times a week as a teenager and want to go back.

Running - Again, it's SO good! And i've also got to the point where I don't mind running about in public, I always used to think I'd look stupid running about and not being svelte - now I don't care. Not that I've got to the point of running about the waterfront at lunch, but I'm better!

I've got other non physical related ideas, coming soon! I have to work out some way of fitting them in with gym!

Finally! I seriously CANNOT eat sugar anymore, in any form more than a teaspoon or something small. My housemate just bought me an icecream - I'm wired. Maybe its the chemicals or the sugar, whatever it is, noooo!

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