Sunday, November 22, 2009

I need to have a plan?

I've got out of my comfort zone this weekend and cooked things I normally wouldn't have, but always wanted to give a go.
First up were these...

Amazing! For the nut and seed mix I added some leftover sliced almonds (because I had forgotten to get nuts at the supermarket) and 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds, and I teaspoon of cumin. The fennel was quite strong, but becomes milder during the next couple of days. I also topped mine with tomato sauce, I don't normally have any - its actually from a past housemate...but it was tasty!

And then this afternoon I made these - I added some smoked chicken to mine, they were also yum, and now I know how to do them, I will go and refine the ingredients...I used coriander as I forgot the basil!

Phil had a post this week about a survey in the UK that has shown that the top meals cooked by British families are:

spaghetti bolognese
roast dinners
shepherds’ pie
other pasta dishes
meat and two veg
sausage and chips or mash
Indian curries

Phil asked what her reader had on regular rotation...

Normally I'll have
Spag bol, but lately I've been cooking up puttanesca and freezing it in batches for lazy nights.
Scrambled eggs on toast with spinach - when I'm really LAZY, but need protein! This also goes for beans on toast of late too.
Baked fish and vegies
Couscous and vegies

Hmm, I thought I made more...

A friend has loaned me her camera so I'm finally doing food what I ate posts for a week starting tomorrow, can't wait, should be interesting!

I had a personal training session yesterday morning (it certainly helped me not to overeat this weekend!), my trainer asked what my training plans were for this week. I don't know! I'm going to work on it now, he wants me to do as much interval training as I can, but yeah, I need to PLAN...more that cardio!

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skinny latte said...

It's so interesting isn't it - that we think we eat loads of different things but we eat the same stuff all the time :D

Looking forward to seeing your week of food, I love that kind of stuff ;)