Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Food What I Eat - Tuesday

7.15am - Approx 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/3 cup of organic milk and 1 tablespoon of blueberry and elderflower yoghurt.

8am - Not pictured 1 latte, 1 raw sugar

9.30am - Not pictured Medium rather ripe banana and 1/2 cup of coffee

10am - 1 Cherry (a work colleague was passing some around)

11am - 1 tangelo (pictured with lunch)

12.30pm - 1 slither of cupcake (it really was a slither, I was trying to choose a birthday cake for a friend, and they had sample cake!)

12.45 - 1 cup green tea

1.30 pm Soy and linseed toasted sandwich with turkey, spinach, cheese and hummus and miso soup (not pictured)

5pm Chocolate Chip Clif Bar

8pm Pat Thai, and 2/3 glass diet coke (made during my Thai Cooking class), and three rice paper rolls.

9pm 1 scoop of icecream and some broken gingerbread pretzels

I was HUNGRY today, I even bought a miso soup on the way back to work to have with my sandwich, and a clif bar before golf. As for the icecream, it's my flatmates, so I had a scoop (she knows!), and put some bottom of the packet gingerbread pretzels I bought last week, yummy!

Exercise today was 90 minutes of golf practice!


skinny latte said...

I am so going to find Thai cooking classes.

And gingerbread pretzels.

Kate said...

Gingerbread pretzels??? Can I find them??

Maybe a bigger morning tea would help with late hunger? I need a wee oaty muffin, or some scroggin/trail mix or a pottle of yoghurt, not just fruit!

Kate said...
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