Monday, December 28, 2009

I did, but I didn't.

I went to the gym today intent on doing an interval session, starting with the rowing machine...except the cardio section at le gym was busy, and both rowers had people. I didn't want to go on the treadmill - I've had issues with it since i've switched to running outdoors, I keep wanting to propel myself forward on the treadmill, not cool. So I went into the weight room and did a strength session instead, followed by a abdominal workout.

Oddly enough, it was just me in the weight room, cardio was bustling. Normally its a 50/50 ratio.

I bought a new mp3 player this morning, so will be out for a morning run - after camp boot i don't mind exercising without music, but just thought it would be good to change things up a bit for a few weeks.

I'm feeling a bit better now, I always find the last few days of the year are a bit like limbo, I bought a diary today, so I can plan stuff which I feel really good about.

I also bought these today. I know they are meant for blokes, but I loved them as soon as I saw them a couple of weeks back, and they were on sale today. So I bought them, they rock!



carla said...

LOVE those as well (blokes schmokes :))

how was the run? will the next post be your running playlist (hinthint)?


kathrynoh said...

I was in PA on boxing day and got a guy's singlet for a pressie for a friend, then decided to get one for myself... then my sister got herself one as well. If it's guys wear, who cares so long as you love it.