Thursday, December 3, 2009


So far Summer has been lacking here in Wellington, and even Spring for that matter. I thought the icy cold mornings were done, and was just expecting the wind to continue until just before Christmas. But no it's really bloody cold, and windy. I struggled out of bed this morning, wanting to remain wrapped up in my duvet and blanket. The only thing that tempted me out was the thought of the hot shower that awaited me.

Things are strange at the moment, almost on hold, I think I am in need of the Christmas/NY break that is coming up, and will relish the hopefully sunny and relaxing days it brings with it.

I started camp boot part deux this week - I know! Shit, it's hard, and it was hard before! I should be sleeping now but my mind is awake brimming with ideas and at the same time telling me to close my eyes.

And I really should!

Nite xx

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Shauna said...

the mind always seems to start to brim with ideas juuuust when you're sposed to be going to bed :)

hope things warm up soon! dunno abotu you but i am gagging for this Xmas break something fierce!