Saturday, December 5, 2009

The High Road

When I first moved to Wellington almost three years ago, Sue picked me up from the airport and the first place she took me to get my bearings was the lookout here I've been up many times since with friends to take in the view, sometimes briefer than other due to the dire wind!

I went up for a run to the lookout for the first time last Friday after work. It was windy and cool, I had asked a friend which way to go, had not listened properly, and ended up turning off at the trail up to the top, rather than the road. There was nothing wrong with taking the trail section, but I really really don't like heights, and anything steep. Going up was hard but okay, I was SLOW and careful on the way down, a trail runner was lovely and asked if I was okay coming down at one point when he was going up, I was just standing at a steep point unsure where to place my footing. I thanked him, and continued to a point where I felt comfortable and started to run, and then with a gale force wind behind me, power down the mountain and across the waterfront, I doubt I was fast, but oh it felt good!

This morning I took the road way, longer, but still steep, I just didn't feel like my arse was going to hit the ground anytime soon!

It took me about an hour there and back, I have no idea how long it should take generally, but it's a good start. I ran 90% of the way. Camp boot has done wonders for my fitness but also my self confidence.

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