Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekly Planning

I've decided after the chat between my trainer and I with regard to my non- training plan. I mean, if I'm honest my training and exercise is rather haphazard. The only reason its vaguely organised at the moment is because of camp boot. But I've ignored weight and further interval training for a bit too long now, and the only time I do that is with my trainer. And he has been very good, telling me how many times I should do things for optimal results. So I have no excuse.

Monday - am - Camp Boot
Tuesday - am - interval training, pm - weights/or spin
Wednesday - am - Camp Boot
Thursday - am - weights - pm - interval training
Friday - am - Camp Boot
Saturday - am - long run
Sunday - Swim



Vic said...

Umm when are you going to allow your body to rest?? My trainer nearly shot me when I trined each day, you do need at least one down day... dont push yourself to hard Lou you will get sick..

PS I have some clothes for you :)

Lucinda said...

I normally rest on Sunday - the swim got added as I want to do the last run/swim series at Freyburg in a couple of weeks, and I have not done a swim in ages - so it was just going to be 500 metres at the local. My sessions are only supposed to be 30 minutes long. Hence why I can do two per day - as long as they are different.

Yay for clothes :-)