Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Toast and Chips!

After I had my oats pre camp boot on Monday morning, I felt a bit ill. Not awful, just a bit of nausea. I went to camp boot had an awesome time, and had nothing left in the tank by the time we finished, and felt good. By the time I had a shower and got changed, I was feeling green again, and actually looked a bit green. I put it down to pushing myself a bit too hard, and thought the same again when I hurled about 20 minutes later. So I headed to work. Yeah, not cool people. I vomited again a couple hours later, went and met a friend for lunch but didn't have anything to eat, just thought some fresh air would do me good. Grabbed a coke on the way back to work - never have coke by the way, but needed something to settle my stomach!

After about 20 minutes back at my desk (I was trying to stay for a meeting, but that was clearly not going to happen!), I headed off home, vomited again, and went to bed, awoke briefly at 9pm! - to sip some water and then go back to sleep.

Feeling okay today, I shared some hot chips at lunch with a friend - seriously its all I wanted- and I think I have them maybe once a year. And I've just had a couple of slices of toast with vegemite, hopefully i'll feel like expanding my diet tomorrow. At the moment the thought of anything else makes me feel ill!


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