Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cooking for Italy

Mine closely resembles something like this!

I'm going to a Italian themed potluck dinner tomorrow night for a friend that is moving to Oregon for work. Another friend volunteered me to make tiramisu. I've never made it before, and the times I do go out for dinner at little Italian places in town, I'll pretty much always order it. But never thought to make it for any occasion.

It was great to try something new. I went to the supermarket to get all the ingredients, thank goodness for the international goods section, with a tiny dutch shelf that had the finger biscuits, otherwise I would have reverted to sponge. It really is quite simple to make and hopefully by tomorrow night it tastes good as well - pre-testing was promising! It was also nice knowing that it was going out of the house to share with others. I love baking to share, and I really take care to think what people would like when I do so.

I think I cupcaked myself out over the festive season so it was great to try something new.

The weekend is almost here...YES!

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