Sunday, January 10, 2010

To bed I say

I ended up taking the whole week of any sort of structured exercise. I didn't get anymore worked up about it. More importantly I kept and eye on what I ate, whereas normally I would just eat more than I would if I was exercising. Progress!

I also have a new queen size bed, which I bought from a friend of a friend moving away. It's very comfortable, and as my old bed was a double, I'll need to get onto some new linen for it this week, and a new duvet. Getting it made me wonder why on earth I hadn't done this before. My bedroom since I've move here has been very very basic, and not very personal. Now I want to make it a little sanctuary. I'm going to go with a green theme, and that is about as far as I've got.

I heart this

In keeping with one of my resolutions, I'm all booked in for swim squad tomorrow. It excited and nervous at the same time. I must remember to pack my bathers!


Miss Milo said...

Hi Lucinda,

Oh I love that bedspread. I've been trying to make my bedroom a bit of a sanctuary too. It's nice to have somewhere that's pretty and where you feel calm and relaxed to go and chill out!

Happy new year to you, too :) Hope 2010 is a great one!


Glam said...

Oh my, that bed looks like complete heaven! I'm jealous. I desperately need a new bed. Mine feels like a stack of cardboard. Boo.

Happy New Year!

Sara said...

But, have you used your juicer? I'm just jealous that you have one. xx

skinny latte said...

Love that bed linen!!