Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Before it started I got demoted from campboot part three.

I was crushed for a good ten minutes, looking blankly at the computer screen, and muttered under my breath 'noooooo'. I say ten minutes, because then I actually re read the email, yes I was still demoted. But my pt suggested I go to the beginner-esque one - it's kind of a prep one to the camp boot i've been going too.

Mainly because I feel that you will get more from that intensity, at this stage....and I feel it's the right direction for your improving fitness levels at this stage.

It was a very gentle email, as crushed as I was, my pt is awesome, and I'll still be seeing them whilst I go to the other camp boot (little boot?). Plus I hope to go back into camp boot when it runs again during this year sometime and CRUSH them ;-)

I think the demotion may do more good than I will care to admit at this point.

-I'm fitter than I've ever been, but I'm not fast, at all. If I had less weight to carry about, shit people, I would be fast.
-Must loose fat in order to become fast. Period.
-I want to become fast.
-It's not the same camp boot as when I started - there is nothing wrong with that at all, but it keeps building upon the previous sessions, and I'm not fast enough to keep up, even though I give 150%.
-Snacking after dinner won't happen anymore, little boot is around 530pm or so, it'll be dinner and bed folks.
- No more 5am starts - kind of...I have to change my swimming squad around now, and that will mean at least one early start a week.

Not so cool stuff
-I'm going to have to have lunch later, nooo! Noon and I'm ready, that's going to be fun.
-I really don't like being demoted, I almost cried at my desk and work! Thanks to ANNE for twittering me back to the land of common sense :-)
-I liked the early morning starts.
-What do I say when people ask why I'm not doing camp boot this time around?
-It's twice a week, not three.

At lunch I went and got a salad (yeah two lunches out this week already!) and a journal, so I can start writing down some things just for me and maybe for you guys later.


Vic said...

No demoted... sidewise you cant go back mate you have come to far.

As for the lunch you will get up later.. day gets shunted to be later hehe...

See it will all be ok!!

skinny latte said...

**hugs** I can imagine that must have been a bit crushing. But you know what, you will ROCK Little Boot, you will get fitter AND faster, and then when Camp Boot comes around again you will Blow. Them. Away.

As for all the not so cool stuff - they're all things that can be moved around so that you can still have the early morning starts, 3 sessions a week, etc. - you'll just have to get creative and do your own thing. No harm in that!

The other day when I was sent details for my next half marathon, I was a bit miffed to find that we're being split into groups for pacing purposes, and I'm in the SLOWEST group! Sniff! But then I snapped out of it and thought "You know what, at least I'm DOING IT!"

You have come so far - you said yourself you are fitter than you've ever been. Whatever positives you can glean from this, take them, run with them and keep being the best you you can be :D xx

Jadey 0:-) said...

At least you are doing it! It might be little boot but your PT is obviously good, Instead of just taking your money and pushing you to what may have been a serious injury they have thought about your case and put you in little boot to keep you going and ensure you succeed with your goals.