Thursday, January 14, 2010

Numbers and Planning

I've had nearly over a month of not going to ww. I went back today, and happy with my 700g gain, considering I went awol with cupcake making, and more wine than normal over the pre christmas period - I don't normally drink that much, so points wise its never been something I have had to actively count.

I've worked out a little chart below that has me on average aiming to loose 600g a week. I'll be happy with 500g though. It's just that the 600g will get me to ww goal by the end of the year :-) it's more for my reference. But I will put one up to update either at the end of each month, or beginning of the next depending on when I weigh in.

Jan - 1.2kg = 102.9
Feb - 2.4kg = 100.5
Mar - 2.4kg = 98.1
Apr - 3 kg = 95.1
May - 2.4kg = 92.7
Jun- 2.4 = 90.3
Jul 3 = 87.3
Aug 2.4 = 84.9
Sept 3 = 81.9
Oct 2.4 = 79.5
Nov 2.4 = 77.1
Dec 3 = 74

Looking back on the past week, I've been keeping a food, water and exercise diary since monday. Some interesting things have popped up.

If I do not bring my breakfast into work, my choices go south. Prime example was yesterday, when I didn't bring my oats in and ended up going for a coffee around ten, and discovering toasted banana bread. I used to bring a ration of oats into work for the week, but we are had a mouse about...and now i'd rather just bring it in on the day. Not that I leave oats out or anything, but gross! This problem could be solved by prepping my oats the night before as at the moment, I do it just before I leave for work. And keeping and emergency stash in a container inside a container at work.

I've had lunch out twice this week, once was a vegie salad with no dressing and a little bit of feta and avocado. The other one was this amazing sounding turkish vegie sandwich, it was HUGE, but more to the point it was packed with all the fresh vegies as listed, but along with the swiss cheese (which was advertised) there was additional cheese. Argh!

I've only had one meal out this week. And this was hilarious. I don't ever drink wine during the week, so I stuck to water whilst a group of us waited for a friend who was running late, four bottles of water between us and still waiting for the friend, we caved and got hummus and turkish bread and dived in. When the friend did finally arrive, we ordered our meals, mine came with turkish garlic bread (if I had been smart, I would have asked for it without). And then it came down to the sweet menu, which again I try not to have so much anymore, but that night I had the chocolate pudding with icecream, it was worth it taste wise just for the sauce! But it was a huge meal.

So there you go!

Exercise this week, it hasn't been as consistent as I would have liked, only swimming and spin. Boxing got pulled on Tuesday because dinner came up. And yesterday, I'm not sure...which would conclude that I was a lazy tool. I will admit I am loving my mini sleep ins this week.

My aim along with tracking and consistent exercise is to have water when I get home, and a glass before I leave in the morning. I'm hitting 6 glasses at work, and then I don't think about it at home. I'd be happy with 8.

The next few weeks I have social things, and trips on, so I'm going to have to show more restraint so I can still enjoy things whilst I'm away and not feel guilty!

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Jadey 0:-) said...

Well done babe. And 600g a week is completely doable! It's a very realistic and acheievable goal especially when you are doing as well as you are doing right now. ♥♥♥