Saturday, January 16, 2010

January Treat

I'm going for my first ever massage today. I've had physio and myotherapy massage before for injuries and strains. But never anything for pure relaxation.

Today is the day!

It's been pelting down with rain since late yesterday afternoon, along with gale force winds.

But I don't care :-)

I'll be inside the lovely spa near my apartment, in a deep state of relaxation.


Update - I went here. There is one opening in Melbourne later this month. It's lovely, relaxing and completely unpretentious for a spa. Also sometimes I come here to get my eyebrows done, it's great as they have a relaxation room you wait in before hand. So I just turn up early and hang out in there with magazines and a cup of tea! Well worth a visit.

Massage was lovely, I had a combination of ginger and lime massage oil, and peppermint scented hot towels to finish. Heaven :-)


Vic said...

Enjoy chick!!!

My next 5 kg maybe a massage, ten $$ a kilo should be a good punch in the cost!!

Glam said...

I would get a message every week if I could afford it. Enjoy!!

green ink said...

Sounds gorgeous!! If I do my half marathon schedule for the next month that might be my incentive too. It's so nice to treat yourself to these kind of things :)