Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In Front

I'm way behind in reading at the moment, sorry guys! I will hopefully get around to you all by weeks end.

Had day two of little boot today, passed three people. Hmm, I'm really starting to think they may just not be trying hard enough or something - it could be a myriad of reasons, all reasonable. I'm really not used to being ahead am i?

I've had a good food week this week, behaving myself on the weekend helped alot. So will hopefully see some results tomorrow. I made a real effort to up my water too. And exercising in between little boot, alot of cardio due to the likely increase in calories due to sevens!

I'm so tired, and its just before 10pm, light out people!

Night xx

1 comment:

kathrynoh said...

You've been training so hard lately, it's only natural you are getting fitter and faster :)