Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh no you didn't!

I passed two people during little boot.


To be honest, maybe they were having a lazy day, they were chatting and walking at this point, but even when they were running I could still pretty much keep pace. Pull ups, not so much. I am shite shite at pull ups, ugh! Quite funny really, unless you are ME.

Anyway it was interesting, because as soon as I passed these two people, I slowed down. Because I didn't think I should have been ahead of them, they should have been faster than me. Strange.

At the moment my current thoughts are that little boot is nowhere as hard as camp boot, I am yet to work out whether this will be good for me or not.

Will try harder tomorrow, especially if pull ups are involved!

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Miss Milo said...

Oh, woohoo Lucinda! You go girl :)