Thursday, February 18, 2010


Lots and lots of stair running at little boot this week

I'm so behind on blogs at the moment, I'm sorry! I worked out a few days back that I have something on every weekend until late how did that happen?

My trainer has placed me on twice a day workouts including little boot, weekends I'm restricted to once a day. Honestly, it's been great! I just need to be more organised with my dinners at night - this week I've even succumbed to frozen meals and subway, I've never been a fan of either, but I was silly enough not to organise myself when I had time. I think I'm free tomorrow night, whenever that is, it'll be a cook up and freeze!

After putting on almost a kilo last week, I lost 1kg this week. I've kept up with drinking as much water as possible during work, and also having a bottle of water on the way to work to ensure that it isn't such a struggle to hit my target. And although I've been busy I've made healthy choices wherever possible. And exercise is all good. FINALLY! I just need to consolidate...

I have my run this weekend, 7km, it will be my first fun run since moving to NZ almost three years ago.

I'm hoping to finish under 50 mins, but I'll just be happy to run the whole way steady, kind of.

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