Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bays Run Report

So, I wanted to finish in under 50 minutes.

I did!

I'm still waiting for the official times to come through, but I think my time was around 44 minutes!

Oh yes!

I promised myself if I clocked in under 50 mins I'd register for a half marathon in June. Funny thing is I didn't wear a watch, so when I grabbed my phone after the race and worked out I must have sliced a crap load of time off somehow, I was stoked. Plus I ran the whole way...I really wanted to puke at the end, like really. I didn't go out to hard, so I could have a strong steady run. I jogged slowly though the drink station. And powered it home, it was the perfect race!

I've spent the remainder of the day, on the couch, doing nothing, besides watching the winter olympics, and I just finished cooking up some food for the week, so I'm organised, I think.


1 comment:

Sue said...

You deserved an afternoon on the couch - your reward for being a legend!