Sunday, March 7, 2010

Date with the dietitian

Last week I went and saw a dietitian, I had started thinking about seeing on sometime late last year when I realised that although I didn't strictly track, with the amount of exercise I was doing, my weight should be shifting somehow. But nope, people I've pretty much been on plateau of sorts since May 2009. It was time to seek some professional help!

I told her...
My diet was goodish! I eat crap now and again - I LOVE baked goods, but there is nary a fried food in sight, and my snacking during the week consists mainly on all things good. If I do tend to have a blowout it will be at parties when there is dip and again, baked goods, but they are few and far between, the parties and the blowouts. 99% of the time there is no crap in the house. I drink maybe once a month, unless its the beer festival of last year, ahem! And I get plenty of water, but not necessarily on the weekends. I'm sure there are other things I said, but you get the idea.

We went over what I typically ate over a day/week/weekend. The portion size. And my exercise routine. Family history of health issues, and my own.

Of the things she concluded...

My diet is BORING
And I eat pretty much no fat at all. Except for my full cream milk coffee in the morning. But she was more insistent about the above.

I need variety, and I needed to eat different kinds of carbs (something I hadn't thought about with my dodgy ovaries was insulin resistance! like ever! Argh!) Obviously its very early days, but its going to be interesting. I've only ever done ww, or nothing so here goes!

I have a menu plan type thing with lots of ideas for meals and snacks, and a tiny set of 'rules' I need to follow, mainly to do with snacks, my after dinner snack (which I must earn through exercise that day to have), and I can have two treats per week, at the moment due to me not being able just to have two treats a week, we think we may keep it to zero or one, or just see how I go, two can easily turn into 22 for me, so I don't want to be silly.

She said I would feel hungry at first.

Anyway, there is no counting calories, except I have a calorie limit on my snacks, and that's about it. It's like a whole new world! And it's actually made me rather excited about food again in a good way, and getting to a healthy weight and maintaining it.

I think i've gone to it in depth enough, the plan was designed for me specifically, so I can't see the point in being overly specific. But obviously if you want to know more, let me know.

The grocery shopping this week was interesting, I spent ages trying to find the cereal she suggested, as I normally only eat oats during the week or toast, so I have not even looked at cereal in the last 18 months maybe. LOL I got so flustered! And not that I got any this time, but since when did wheat bix become so freakin expensive?!

I go back in two weeks. I weighed in this week at 103.6kg


Sue said...

I really enjoyed seeing a dietician too. Sound, practical advice. General rules that can be easily followed. And a supportive ear interested in ME, no a whole room full of people with different needs.

Anne said...

I've sometimes considered going to a dietician because I suspect I might stick with a plan than "freelance" if I had more accountability. Do keep us posted on how the new and improved diet goes.