Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brownies for Bookclub

One of my new years resolutions and 101 in 1001 things was make new friends/join a bookclub.

Tomorrow is my first meeting, we all need to bring something to share, so I made brownies. Its only my second time making them, and they look good. Soft with a bit of crunch!

It;s good to have a baking outlet...other than my belly ;-)


Anne said...

I hope you enjoy your book club as much as I do mine. I may not always agree with the selections they make, but the conversations make up for the purple prose.

And brownies are a great way to introduce yourself too!

skinny latte said...

Brownies + books = GOOD :D xx

brittoni said...

how often do you work out?

brittoni said...

how often do you work out?