Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm off to a wedding this weekend, the first one I've been to in years. I left it really late to get something to wear, and whilst I don't love what I bought, it will be perfectly fine for a relaxed country wedding, first at the church, then at a garden for the reception. But yes, there was angst in the change room, even after my waist reappeared after years being MIA. But yeah, I have something.

And we are camping...due to the reception being quite far out of town, so most of the guests will be doing this.

I have not done this since school, not that my partner in crime knows this, so here is hoping both of our heads together, and some common sense and we will be all good. We've even packed the car up with quilts, fluffy pillows, my beautician offered to lend me her air mattress today whilst waxing my eyebrows into shape. So if all goes well, it should be great fun. If not, yeah we'll just have a bit more bubbles.

Book club went really well, we read the lovely bones for this months meeting, which I didn't think I would like, but liked very much. Next month, the secret life of bees! None of us have read it, so it seemed a good choice.

Nutrition wise all is going good, some hiccups, mainly when I don't have enough protein at lunch, that makes a HUGE difference. Now I just need to get back into le gym!

Have a good weekend everyone xx


Sue said...

Oh yeah for camping, oh yeah for more bubbles and oh yeah for your next book choice - definitely one of my faves!

skinny latte said...

Have a great time!

Your next book club choice is one of my favourites too - you will love it!!

Anne said...

I think it would be great fun to camp and hope you enjoy it (as well as your next book for your book club).