Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Drag & Force

I had to force myself to spin yesterday after work. I knew I was feeling to meh to go and do a stock standard workout, I had little will to push myself - note to self - a one week break from the gym now and again is fine, but two weeks, oh yeah i got a bit used to that. I think it may be since little boot ended and half marathon training does not begin until after Easter, I don't actually have anything to train for (yes this makes no sense people I know!). So back to point, yeah I had to drag myself there, it was okay, not brilliant.

Did I do anything today. Nope.

Tomorrow. Yes. But only as I want a St Paddy's Day cupcake soooo bad. Yeah, I'm in a slump like that.

Maybe I can just plug away at the gym, be reasonable with my nutrition - no treats - yeah I tried that, STILL not working. I really can't have any AT ALL.

I guess the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions, so I shouldn't beat myself up over it.

But yes laziness and an all or nothing attitude sometimes isn't the best thing.

Balance, I need it so.

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Vic said...

Hey chicke,
draw a line in the sand and reset and start again. Food, exercise, water.
With treats, I find if I have one of them (don't buy packets etc) am ok. Just an idea.
You will get there.. I am training for half but that is only coz I cant yet run for a full 30 mins.. Getting there but not quiet.

Breath in and out and do it!! Coz we all know you can!!